"We boosted ROAS and lowered CPA by 50% during Valentine’s Day."

Dubravko Opasic, Regional Director at M+ Agency

Fashion & Friends boosts ROAS and lowers CPA by 50% during Valentine’s Day rush with Hunch Dynamic Ad Creatives

Fashion & Friends is a unique multi brand concept store that combines world famous fashion labels within one portfolio owned by Fashion Company Serbia. They experienced an increase in online sales by A/B testing dynamic creatives at scale using Hunch. This enabled them to consistently run ads that convert and reach their Valentine’s Day cyber sale goals.



Fashion & Friends’ online store had seen an increase in traffic as a result of a series of physical stores opening around the Alps-Adriatic region. Converting this traffic into a notable increase in online sales had proven to be tricky. The Valentine’s Day cyber sale was the perfect opportunity for Fashion & Friends to experiment with engaging creatives and crush the rush.



In a collaborative effort, Hunch and MPlus agency created customized image templates using Fashion & Friends’ vibrant designs to launch engaging Dynamic Ads that would drive online sales during the Valentine’s Day cyber sale.

We set up audited retargeting so that Fashion & Friends could monitor and update both past and current DPA and standard campaigns. 

Using our Hunch Platform, Fashion & Friends launched beautiful DPA campaigns with custom images and layers using templates, conditional layers and transformation. They scaled the winning ads for better ROAS and lowered their CPA by 50%. 
To facilitate the A/B testing process, we set up rules and alerts so that Fashion & Friends could monitor the campaign, and based on the results, manually turn off the campaigns. 

A total of 5k unique images were created for their weekend cyber sale. 

Each of the ads created was tested with specific images and conditional layers:

  • different template colors; 
  • different copies; and
  • Locations of the prices

We chose these parameters to determine the effect dynamic creatives had on online sales in various locations. By creating DPAs, launching them, setting rules and alerts that would notify them of key metrics, Fashion & Friends was able to see an uplift of 73% in ROAS whilst using the Hunch platform. 


Fashion & Friends launched an exciting and highly engaging Valentine’s Day campaign that delivered above and beyond any expectations set by both the MPlus agency and their client Fashion & Co.

  • 72% increase in Purchases
  • 62% Website Purchases Conversion
  • 73% Purchase ROAS 

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About Fashion Company
Fashion & Friends is owned by Fashion Company, a leading fashion retail and wholesale company in the Alps-Adriatic region. With a portfolio of over 30 world famous brands and a network of nearly 100 retail outlets, Fashion & Friends operates the largest online fashion shopping platform in Serbia and the region.
Belgrade, Serbia