A landing page is what your customer sees after clicking on your ad. 

Most of the time this is an external website page, but it could also be a tab within a pre existing Facebook page.

Landing pages are important because they turn your visitors into customers.

So, your one shot to engage and entice your audience starts with your ad, but ends on your landing page.

A superior landing page makes or breaks the success of your campaigns and should be designed to help the visitor make the next logical step in your customer journey.

The best landing pages are tightly focused and typically require the visitor to think about one call-to-action. Having multiple elements and actions only confuse users.

Less is more.

Landing Pages Breed Leads

Traffic comes from the Facebook ad; the conversion or the sale come from the landing page.


If your landing page isn’t strong, even the best ads won’t replenish your bank account.

Personalize your landing pages. The more landing pages THE BETTER.

Companies see a 55% increase in leads when they have 10-15 landing pages and even more if they have 40. 

Landing pages offer:

  1. SEO benefits because they are indexed in search

  2. Targeting opportunities to appeal to different audiences’ interests and needs

  3. An opportunity for you to show different offers on each one 

Landing pages are critical to your Facebook ad success. 

It’s estimated that about one in every 5 page views occurs on Facebook.

Why make a Facebook Page your landing page?

People are like boulders. They don’t want to move.

So keep them on the same platform they saw your ad on - Facebook. This is familiar territory. 

Facebook landing pages are created by adding tabs within your already existing page. 

When creating your Facebook ad, you can choose your destination URL and whilst creating an ad set, you can choose an optimization event. 

Facebook recommends optimizing for landing page views

This is one way to improve the quality of the traffic to your landing page through your ads.

You can also create great landing pages through landing page builders.

Create Effective Landing Pages

Make sure your landing page properly shows what you want to get from your visitors.

Subscribe to a mailing list? Request a demo?

The ad got them to click, but the landing page will determine their next step.  

When creating your landing page, make sure that: 

  • Ad creatives reflect what the visitor will see on the landing page once they click; if not, Facebook might penalize your ad and lower its reach;

  • Your landing page is up to speed; a slow one could deter visitors;

  • Personalized landing pages correspond with any personalized ads;

  • Text is a central part of the page, readable and easy to understand;

  • The visuals occupy the center of the view;

  • Buttons or features that enable the action that you require (calendar if you want your visitors to book an appointment, etc.);

  • Logos and brandings on landing page match those of the ad;

  • It is mobile responsive - over 60% of viewers will see on mobile.

Before you create that next top performing ad, think about what your visitors will see next. 

Landing pages are critical to the success of your Facebook ads because without them your conversions are lost in the wind. 

The same wind that may blow your audience down the road to your competitor.