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What’s new: Review tool

Building dynamic or any multi-version creative comes with a challenge of how it will look in all the versions, with different copies, product photos, or different formats. Also, it comes with the challenge of how to keep brand consistency. That’s why it is important to review designed items.

But, when you have hundreds of items to review it is really hard to catch what is off.

To save you time and effort, let us introduce you to the Hunch review and approval tool that enables you and your team to collaborate and review designs across the whole catalog in no time.

The review tool gives you quick access to all items and designs and lets you mark the ones that need to be updated. Also, it can be shared externally with your team or client, and it also allows designers to easily access the items market for review.

Let’s dig in for more information.

Review tool

Review tool overview

Why should you use the Hunch review tool?

Don’t let any error pass you by.

The review and approval tool allows a detailed review of product catalog designs and helps you ensure only the best quality creatives end up in the campaign.

If you use this tool as a marketer in the in-house marketing team, it will help you provide brand consistency in any variation of templates and designs. Also, it would be easier for designers to make the quick corrections that you pointed out.

If you are part of an agency this tool allows you to ensure the best possible outcome of product creative for your clients and to easily collaborate with multiple teams, including designers and in-house marketing teams.

What problem does it solve?

It saves your time and decreases the possibility of problems in designs.

The review tool lets users easily review whole catalogs with applied designs and review items with problems. Furthermore, it helps you collaborate with external teams that don’t have access to the platform, giving you the opportunity to send an external link.

External link for Review tool

So, this tool solves problems in communication, along with the problem of time and energy spent in keeping all the variations of items on point.

What is it good for?

The tool is good for quick changes in design, such as making a copy smaller or bigger or moving a product photo. Also, with the review tool, you can notice problems in template design, and change them to fit better.

So, this tool is great for creative collaboration and creative approval.

How does it work?

The review tool is an essential part of the platform. You can access it from templates.

When you access the templates pick build preview, and see the preview of all the created variations. While scrolling, pick the items with problems and mark them for changes.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this brief article has given a better understanding of our new tool.

Hunch review tool is a great way for both marketers and designers to deliver the best possible product creative, saving a lot of time, and avoiding misunderstandings.

Don’t hesitate to try it out yourself or contact our dedicated Customer Success Manager if you face any challenges.

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