There’s a method to the madness. How can you ensure your ads are doing what you want them to do- lead your audience through the funnel you handcrafted just for them? Once you have fine tuned your marketing strategy, this funnel can be broken down into logical stages. One way to do this is by identifying at which points you would like to capture particular audiences.

Identify the stages in your marketing funnel

You can get really nitty gritty here, or you can keep it basic and identify 3 or 4 stages and create corresponding campaigns that make up your funnel. Your aim should be to narrow down your audience at each consecutive stage so that you can convert them into potential customers. 

Top of the Funnel

Cast your net wide. It’s important to warm up your audiences first so that they can trust you before they take any further action. Understanding this psychology will enable your conversions to increase while your costs decrease.

Create an ad that solves your ideal customer’s problem. This can be content-dense with a catchy title, image, or anything that looks less like an offer, and more like something your audience would be interested in. Set the traffic objective for your campaign and run this add to a cold audience whilst utilizing the "demographics" and "interests" options.

You could also link this ad with a content page on your website and include your main offer at the bottom. The burden would be on you to encourage viewers to get through to the bottom of the page, but having already offered engaging content it should be easy. You can experiment with engaging text, photos or pop-ups that prompt viewers to stay on the page. It would be wise to use your facebook pixel so that your Facebook ad will change depending on who has already seen your content page.

To get ideas for content check out Buzzsumo. You can find top performing articles to get a feel for the kind of content that your audience may be enticed to click on.

Middle of the Funnel

Now you can unleash the ad that includes your special offer: mimic your content ad from earlier but keep it short and digestible, as 65% of your audience will be viewing it from mobile device (Hubspot).

Still utilizing the traffic objective at this stage in your funnel, the idea is to enforce a positive association between this ad and the useful content that you shared earlier.

Bottom of the Funnel

Having reached the bottom of the funnel you want to do something memorable and engaging like provoking a thought or prompting some sort of action. Your next ad could include a video or dynamic ad where a message from you appears in their Messenger as soon as a prospect hits that call to action button.

This is to your advantage because they don't need to leave Facebook to connect with your company; and it’s a personal touch. An added bonus is that because you’re keeping users on the Facebook platform, Facebook will reward you by lowering your cost per click.

Hunch Tips

You can start from scratch or alternatively upload your predesigned ads to Hunch Studio; at this point you can create ad sets for A/B testing before launching your next killer campaign. You can select your placements, your target audience and specify your budget. The best part is, you can also set up rules, alerts and receive reports that will help you keep track of key metrics without leaving the platform.


Take Home Message

Have clear campaign goals for each stage of your funnel. Use campaign objectives to help align your focus and get Facebook to do some of the work for you. If you want to get attention, your objective will be "traffic". If you’ve already narrowed down your ideal audience, given them content they can’t get enough of at which point your objective is "conversion". Your creatives and content will drive your audience through your funnel.


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