Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. In other words, it’s the holy grail for reaching audiences you never dreamed of and it uses the diverse insights that it captures from its users. 

Monitoring and optimizing your Facebook ad and Google ad campaign can take hours. 

Leave the monotonous tasks to manage themselves so that you focus on scaling killer ads.

Automation and Hunch

Hunch offers you the ability to create and test thousands of ad sets each day. By utilizing automation tools you are saving time while you test which ads in your campaign are performing the best. 

Two features that I find most useful are link checker and the ability to set specific rules

Defining Specific Rules:

One way to automate your campaign is by setting up rules in Hunch.

New Rule

Hunch allows you to set conditions in which certain actions are triggered.

It’s easier to automate your ads when you can enter specific conditions.
For example, if my cpc today is 1.5x more than it was last week, I want to pause this ad.

Specific Rules

These are just a handful of rules you can set up in Hunch:  

  • Raise the bid if the daily reach is low
  • Raise the budget if the cost per lead is low and the number of leads is high
  • Change CPC Bids for good Keywords
  • Improve KW position by increasing bid value
  • Pause Ad Set for bad ROI
  • Unpause Ad Set with improved metrics
  • Pause if ROAS is less than 3X with over $1000 spend

You can also relaunch previously paused campaigns or duplicate ad sets that you think are performing well. 

Link Checker to Stop Unnecessary Spend

Broken links are the demise of a good ad. 

A broken link is likely to thwart off your audience altogether as landing pages are an important part of the customer journey. 

The link checker is super useful and easy to set up in Hunch. 

It will automatically pause the ad or alert you if the link connected to your ad is not working. 

Link Checker

Awesome, right? Think how much money you’ve lost by pumping funds to a dead-end ad.

Not to mention how much time you save by not manually checking your links every five minutes.

Fun fact: Rules can be applied to both your Facebook and Google Ad accounts. They focus on advanced capabilities that are not possible to make directly on Facebook or Google.

Google Analytics data can be used for all campaigns created and launched through Hunch.

Take Home Message:

The beautiful thing about your Facebook ad campaign is that it can be automated. Leaving you to plan more important things like your next campaign strategy or taking your marketing team out for dinner with all the money you saved on automation.

Find out how to set up some rules that will enable you to scale great results from your campaigns and reach your goals faster with Hunch. 

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