We’ve all had that moment when our Facebook ads seem to be running smoothly and then all of a sudden just not running at all. 

Our clients do various things to try to mitigate this issue because they don't know why it actually occurs. In our previous article, we highlighted 8 reasons why Facebook ads stop delivering and what you can do to fix them.

In this article, we share the easiest solution to this problem without adjusting your Facebook advertising strategy using Hunch automation tools.

Stale Facebook Ad Sets and Automated Rules

Automated rules help digital advertisers to optimize their Facebook ads’ performance. Using Hunch, you can automate your campaign by setting conditions in which certain actions are triggered

You can use Hunch rules to detect campaigns that are starting to grow stale and revive them by cloning them without any additional manual work. 

How to Clone Ad Sets That Stopped Delivering

Select the Automation tab in Hunch and create a new rule.

new rule hunch
Create a new rule in Hunch in order to clone stale ad sets.


Next, enter the following fields as required. You can change values that make the most sense for your business.

  • Rule applies to: All Delivering Ad Sets
  • Conditions:
This table sets out why each condition is relevant for cloning ad sets.
This table sets out why each condition is relevant for cloning ad sets.
conditions automation hunch
Set conditions to prepare your ad sets to be cloned. 


  • Action: Pause and Clone
  • Execution Frequency: Once a Day
  • Check Frequency: Every hour
actions automation hunch
Define actions that you want your campaign to take once conditions have been met. 

Why This Works on Your Facebook Ad Sets

This rule finds all delivering Facebook Ad Sets that have a dramatic decrease in ad spend and clones them. The cloned Ad Sets will then start performing just as well as the originals had done earlier. Think of this as a reviving technique after your ad sets contract an inexplicable illness. 

The action in this rule is called “Pause and Clone” because the stale Ad Set pauses and the new Ad Set will turn on


Ad sets stop delivering after a while for a number of reasons. You may not always catch the tell-tale signs right away, and therefore, automating the “stale” to “delivering again” process will save you time and money.

Hunch offers you the ability to create and test thousands of ad sets each day. By creating automated rules you are saving time while you test which ads in your campaign are performing the best. 

Keep your ads fresh and not stale- check out our article, 10 Facebook Ad hacks to Kill Ad Fatigue.