How to Hack Facebook Geofencing With Laser Precision

Facebook geofencing allows you to target audiences in a specific area at any given time. The problem is, Facebook only allows you to get as specific as a 1-mile radius. We understand that certain types of campaigns require much narrower targeting and we’...

23 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Facebook Video Ads Right Now

Over a span of just one year, the number of advertisers adopting video into their marketing strategy has soared. That’s not without reason either- advertisers are seeing the value in video content not only in brand presence but in their pockets as well.

Kickstart Facebook Ad Sets That Stopped Delivering Through Cloning

We’ve all had that moment when our Facebook ads seem to be running smoothly and then all of a sudden just not running at all. In this article, we share the easiest solution to this problem without adjusting your Facebook advertising strategy using Hunch ...
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