Many have caught on to the fact that it is the most effective way to reach audiences, not just because of the number of users but, the data that it stores about them.

Employing a Facebook Ad targeting strategy is key to making the most of this resource, making sure your ads don’t get lost in the crowd and growing your business. 

Get the most out of Facebook ad targeting and implement these 8 tips into your current strategy:

  1. Narrow it down; if you run a natural skin care store, then adding ‘health’ and ‘skin’ is going to include gazillions of people who aren’t a good fit for you.

    Detailed Targeting
  2. But not by too much - unless you have a small budget, targeting business owners who have expressed an interest in Aesop skincare is not going to leave you enough people.
  3. Utilize the ‘exclude’ option - so if you wrote a book called "how to get that summer glow without tanning", then adding in something like ‘bronzer’ and EXCLUDING people who like tanning salons could be worth trying.

    Custom Audience
  4. Split interests into different ad sets; if you don’t, you can’t tell which worked and which didn’t.
  5. Sit down and create your ideal customer profile; the better you can describe them, the easier it will be to test appropriate interests.
  6. Stay in your lane - you might find that targeting people who like Sam Smith works great for your singing classes, but there may be a cheaper option to target.

  7. If you are a local business, shift your focus from interests to the radius around your business location and target by age and gender.
  8. Have a look at the ‘friends of people who like your page’ option - social proof is a driving force behind persuasiveness. 

Take Home Message:

Facebook has proven to be a valuable tool for advertisers across the globe. I hope these quick tips have given you some food for thought when drafting your next Facebook Ad strategy. 

Happy Selling!

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