Earlier this month, Shopify released its first global State of Commerce report. The report explores what’s driving direct-to-consumer commerce and buying behavior
Within this last year alone, the retail industry has undergone rapid changes. Customers and merchants are finding new opportunities to buy and sell goods. 

Worried your business may be missing out? This article aims to outline the Shopify consumer stats that you can implement in your Facebook ads strategy right away.

shopify buyers
Shopify has seen 34% increase in buyers from 2017 to 2018.

22 Scalable Shopify Stats

The key findings were:

      1. 80% of sales occur on online storefronts.
      2. Over 62 million people have purchased from the same store twice.
      3. People spend more per order online than in-store.
      4. 73% of North Americans stick with a brand or product that they like.
      5. Over 50% of shops saw repeat buyers.


Facebook Ad Creatives

One way to scale your Facebook ad spend for your Shopify store is through creative automation.
With this in mind, we know that the means of attracting customers to a store in the first place is important. Creating high volumes of ads that are relevant,  personalized, on-brand and appealing is time-consuming.

Creative Automation allows you to automate the creative aspect of your ads. Once you’ve created several dynamic templates, creative automation then multiplies the variations of your ads tenfold. Different creatives are generated and are applied to products across your entire catalog feed. 

creative automation
Create dynamic templates that speed up the ad creation process in Hunch.

Creative automation coupled with dynamic ads is the best way to attract visitors to your Shopify store. Dynamic ads utilize viewers’ recent browsing history and interests to show the right creative to the right consumer at the right time. 

Whether you have 30 products or 100k in your store, this tool can drive the ad creation process and increase your chances of reaching the right consumer to make the sale.  


      6. 62 million people became repeat buyers within 12 months.
      7. 80% of sales are physical goods, 2% services, 13% hybrid and 3% other.
      8. November is the most popular shopping time worldwide.
      9. February is predominantly the least active shopping month.
    10. January has the largest year over year growth outside of the holiday season.


Staying In Control During Peak Season 

Another way to scale your Facebook ad spend for your Shopify store is to set key campaign parameters that control your spend.

These will probably be your most expensive months for advertising. However, you can control your ad spend using automated rules and alerts.

Automated rules help you optimize your ads’ performance. Hunch allows you to set conditions in which certain actions are triggered. For example, if your ad performs poorly, it may trigger a condition that ultimately pauses it or if it’s doing well, you can increase budgets towards it. 

alerts automation tools
Create rules and alerts to automate your campaign and receive notifications.

Hunch offers you the ability to create and test thousands of ad sets each day. Automated rules and alerts save you time while you test which ads in your campaign are performing the best. 

Here are a few rules that will help you scale great results from your campaigns and reach your goals faster

consumers countries
Buyers in Germany spend less time before making a purchasing decision.


    11. Buyers on Shopify have grown from 163 million in 2017 to 218 million in 2018.
    12. Over 820 thousand merchants from over 175 countries on Shopify.


Working Links

Scale your Facebook ad spend for your Shopify store by managing broken or slow links.

With this many users, it’s important to know that the links leading your customers from your Facebook ads to your Shopify store are functioning correctly. 

Hunch link checker feature prevents avoidable ad spend by sending alerts and pausing ads that contain broken links. Hunch users receive notifications immediately when the Shopify landing pages connected to their ads stop working. It is also possible to pause an ad if the link is broken or if the response time of the landing page is slow.

link checker hunch
Set response time parameters to receive alerts and set actions in Hunch. 


    13. Consumers in the US purchase about 2x as much as any other country (6 items).
    14. GER, FRA, UK, US, CAN, JAP and SGP make the fastest shopping choices online.
    15. Shoppers in Japan spend the most on average in one transaction ($141.72).
    16. People shop to unwind, peak times are after work and before bed.
    17. 36% of North American respondents shop to cheer themselves up.
    18. Peak Transaction Time in the US is 5pm.


shopping peak time
Peak transaction time for buyers in Canada and the US is after work.

Adjusting Your Targeting

Scale your Facebook ad spend for your Shopify store by segmenting your audience and creating relevant ads.

With this in mind, evaluate your current Facebook ad targeting strategy. Have a clear understanding of your target market and start crafting content that is appealing to them and running ads during peak times

If people are shopping to unwind after work, you should consider changing your copy or creative to appeal to these shoppers. Check out this ad by Casper that uses relevant copy and creative to hook in buyers.

casper mattress
Running a mattress ad after working hours will be relevant to viewers.

Using Hunch, you can easily create audiences for both prospecting and retargeting campaigns. You can easily launch relevant ads for each audience.

targeting hunch audience
Create ad sets that target consumers easily in Hunch. 

    19. For over 30% merchants, marketing is one of their biggest challenges.
    20. 22% of merchants say building a brand is their biggest challenge.
    21. For merchants, social media is the biggest driver in brand discovery
    22. US, CAN, AUS, CHI and UK use mobiles, tablets and computers to purchase.   

Preferred mediums for making purchases on Spotify by geographical location.
Preferred mediums for making purchases on Spotify by geographical location.


Shopify released its first global State of Commerce report earlier this month and the results are looking good for online merchants. In this article, we highlighted 4 ways you can enhance your Facebook ads to support your Shopify stores. By taking advantage of these, you can join the 820k and counting merchants successfully selling on Shopify using Facebook ads. 

Read the full report here

Find out more about how Hunch can help scale your Shopify business by requesting a demo.